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happy anniversarry 3 months sayangg :D
Thursday, May 19, 2011 , 6:31 PM , 0 Comment[s]

sayangsayang , happy anniversary bie . 3 months plak .
hehe , tak sangka boleh sampai 3 bulan neh . paling lame pon sebulan kodd .
hehe , thanks wish i malam tadi . aww , shoo shuweet .
malam tadi kita bergayut kan kan , tapi dapat cakap sekejap je :(
hmm , tapetape nanti kite bergayut lame-2 taww .
i just want you know that i love youu so much sayang .
my love to your never fade sayangg .
my love just for you babyy
i miss you sho much sayangg .
i tanak ade benda yang kacau relation kite dah lepas neh . bia jeh orang nak kutuk apa .
i tanak you merapu meraban cm dalam blog you tuhh , oke ?
dear muhammad faiq irfan , i do love you every single day .
every second , minute , every my breath .
so . that don't you leave me alone kayy .
i sayangg youu babyy . sayangg sesangad .
i alwaysloveyouinmydeepheart !